According to the Vero Vogue Team, Fashion means being comfortable in your own skin and carrying yourself like a Girl boss. Following trends is too mainstream but creating new trends is something which requires courage.

The Vero Vogue Mantra is:

“Get Noticed and turn heads with the right colors and prints!”

[PS: We have attached an infographic at the end as an compilation for all the busy ladies 😉 ]

The Hourglass figure

hourglass figure
hourglass figure

The hourglass figure can be enhanced using bold color or print that highlights your assets. The material quality should make you feel comfortable and sleek. The more sharp and well-maintained your figure , more evident is your body.

Alternatively , If you want to downplay your curves , opt for a monochromatic outfit.



The Rectangle Figure

Rectangle Body

The Rectangle body shapes usually complements “contrasting” color combinations or printed apparel. Floral apparel can also do their magic on your body shape if worn with well-sharped contrasting lowers. Another way to grab more attention is to try the “Layered approach” to help draw to your torso.



The Inverted-Triangle Figure

inverted triangle

Your shoulders are the key element to draw the attention. Then your outfit should shift the focus to your hips or bottom half with bold or printed bottoms.Inverted triangle individuals should focus on revamping their wardrobe with darker or neutral color hues.


The Oval Body Shape


Engineered pattern or printed apparel is the key for all the ladies sporting the Oval figure. Prints & florals sported with neutral colors can instantly draw attention to your bottom. The main idea here is to carry yourself with ease and poise.



The Compiled Info-graphic:



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