Disclaimer: Before diving into this article. Ladies,Please check out our other article on: Know about Bra fitting.

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Good, now since you know that finding the right type of Bra is vital. It’s time to choose the best type of bra for you. Whatever you may wear , It should be comfortable and the quality should be really good. Ladies, Never compromise on the quality of your lingeries. Spend some extra bucks on your lingerie section.

The key points which the Vero Vogue team had in mind while designing this info-graphic was:

  1. Your breasts should look more full.
  2. The fit should be perfect and make you comfortable
  3. Have low center panel for plunging necklines
  4. Optimize cleavage line (If needed)

The above points won’t be applicable to all the women out there but would certainly cover most of the population.

The info-graphic designed by the Vero Vogue Team gives you the complete detail of every Bra type and how to sport them which kinds of apparel. (Collaborated with: HerROOM – Online Lingerie e-commerce shop)

Get ready to be amazed!


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