Nearly 73% women end up wearing the wrong Bra size and its dis-advantages can be threatening.

Check out our article on: Choosing the best bra for your breast type and know all about Bra fitting and size. Reading both the articles would make you more self-aware and cautious.

Disadvantages of wearing wrong bra size are:

1. It can cause breast pain :It is one of the most common health effects of wearing a wrong bra size. Tight-fitting bras that are not comfortable especially leads to breast pain.

2. It can cause back pain: Wrong bra size can also make you experience frequent back pain. This usually occurs in women with large breast size. Using a bra that does not exactly fit you, makes the lack of strut in the chest, and the due to the effect of gravity it makes the owner of the breasts more vulnerable to stoop, causing pain in the hip area. If your bra is too tight, it can also exert too much pressure on your rib cage. So if you are wearing a smaller sized bra, then be prepared to suffer from back pain.

3. It can cause sagging breasts:Wearing a loose bra can spoil the breast shape and size. Instead of lifting it up and keeping in shape, the bra can sag your breasts and make them heavier.

4. It can lead to shoulder and neck pain: Again, if your bra is too tight for your bosom, the straps can exert a lot of pressure on the shoulders because it is difficult to lift with a smaller strap. This strain from shoulder can go up-till neck, which can cause severe pain. It is one of the major health effects of wearing the wrong bra size, so pick up the right size every time to avoid such complications.

5. It can ruin your posture : Wearing a wrong bra size can spoil your posture. Pain felt in the shoulder, neck and back tends to make you more frequently bend, which if allowed to continue will ruin your posture.

Pretty scare, eh?

Well, Prevention is better than cure. And to help you ladies with all the issues with bra fitting. The team at Vero Vogue created a well detailed info-graphic which outlines all the necessary precautions that must be taken by you while searching for your fit.

NOTE: Open the image in new tab to get a more clearer picture of the info-graphic. Or just go ahead and save the image.

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